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Hundreds of informal sector traders in Kisumu are counting losses following the ongoing face lift of the Kisumu Central Business District which has led to massive demolitions within the city.

Many have termed it inconsiderate given that no immediate alternative locations or structures have been put in place to contain the displaced traders.

Most of the affected areas include Ang’awa Street, Bank Street, Oginga Odinga and Kenyatta Avenue (includes Lake Market, Winmart and backstreet stalls behind Mega Plaza).


Affected traders lament that however they are happy for the beautification plans but the manner in which the process is being carried out is cruel.

The KES 250M World Bank-sponsored beautification project is aimed at cleaning up the city, modernizing it and remodeling its infrastructure.

Reality of the beautification and port expansion process first hit the city after flattening of the renowned ‘Lwang’ni’ eatery on the night of July 23rd.


Many believe the ongoing demolitions are likely to sink the city youths into poverty and rekindle insecurity.

The county however defend the move saying that all the currently affected traders had been given a prior notice as having encroached on road reserves and sewer lines and were warned to relocate ahead of the major face lift.

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