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A school in Nairobi has left many wowed after treating their pupils to a prestigious educational trip in Kisumu.

As many would expect school kids to hit the road using their school buses or during most of their school trips, the Rophine Field Junior School decided to do it the most pleasant manner.

The school booked 3 domestic airlines to fly their Class 7 & 8 learners to Kisumu.

It used Kenya Airways, Fly 540 & Jambo Jet airlines to ferry the pupils to the lakeside city.

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The pupils toured the Kisumu National Museum, Lake Victoria Port, Kakamega Forest, the Crying Stone in Western Kenya, Vihiga’s Sossa Cottages and the Nabongo Cultural Center amongst other places.

Check out some of the photos below from the prestigious visit of Western Kenya.

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Well, for beginners, the Rophine Field Junior School is located in Utawala, Nairobi and consists of Grade 1 to class 8.

The school has five streams per class and have embraced the Competency Based Curriculum from grade one to grade three and 8-4-4 from class four to class eight.

Currently, it has a population of around 1150 pupils & prides itself of modern facilities eg tiled spacious classrooms, tennis court, a FIFA-standard football pitch, a swimming pool, fully stocked library, a music room, a computer lab, prayer room for our Muslim pupils and many more.

The school has world class boarding facilities which include modern dormitories with at most 4 students per cubicle who are treated to swanky routines and diet.

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All Photos Courtesy: Rophine Field Junior School

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