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Janam Lakeside Grill in Kisumu is on the spot following death of a KCSE student who is alleged to have been manhandled at the party joint.

The boy, a form 4 student at St. Marks Obambo Secondary School left home on a Saturday in the company of 4 friends, one of them his schoolmate.

His parents became worried the following day after failing to return home. They inquired from one of the boys about their son’s whereabouts.

They were led to Janam where they received shocking news of their son having been caught stealing a cellphone from a reveller and handed to the police at Central Police Station where police say he later collapsed.

His parents insist that their son had never picked someone’s property before, they therefore began getting confused of the whole story.

At the police station, the boy’s parents were first informed that no such arrest had been made that night, only for the police to change their story after pressure being mounted by the student’s kin.

The police confirmed that the boy had been handed to them having been clobbered to pulp, he died while being taken to the Kisumu Sub-County Hospital.

The parents later found their son’s body lying at the hospital’s morgue, his clothes well washed and cleaned, leaving them dumbfounded.

The police have now said an investigation into the horrendous matter has been launched.

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