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Popular actress Sandra Anyango Dacha better known as ‘Silprosa’ in the weekly NTV drama show ‘Auntie Boss’ has come out to explain the kind of relationship she’s having with a married politician.

Tabloids have been awash with rumors of the actress having a steamy affair with Omung’ala Stazo, a married Savannah West MCA.

Over the weekend, the two were coincidentally spotted at the Coast enjoying themselves, an incident that fueled the gist of the two being an item despite the MCA being a married man.

The MCA went ahead and even posted a photo of them at the Flamingo By PrideInn Beach Resort & Spa.


Well, this forced Sandra to come out and clean her name off the rumor she has termed as ugly and aimed at tainting her brand.

According to an interview with TUKO, the actress clarified that they are just friends and that she also understands the politician is a married man.

“I know he is married, we have been friends for a very long time. There is nothing between us you guys. We were not even together, I was in Mombasa to market a hotel and he was there on a political conference.

It was a coincidence and we just took photos and nothing much. Wonders shall never end, why people love spreading lies?” she claimed

Well, from her own words, the two could be just friends.

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