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Members of the biking community in Kisumu on Sunday evening lost one of their own to a tragic accident that happened around Obambo area along the Kisumu – Bondo road.

David Owuato, a popular biker in Kisumu succumbed to fatal injuries after a head on collision with another motorbike rider.

David Owuato

According to Phabian Kelvin, David’s closest ally, the deceased met his untimely death allegedly due to late first aid attention.

“After the accident, David was lying helpless at the scene for over an hour before being picked by the police. By the time he was checked in at the Port Florence Hospital, it was too late. he died” kelvin said

Kelvin (taking selfie) with David Owuato
Kelvin (taking selfie) with David Owuato

He explained that the accident happened after a ‘boda-boda’ rider ferrying a female passenger made an abrupt U-turn in the middle of the road.

“The lady on the boda boda is reported to have dropped something on the road and her rider suddenly made an uncalculated U-turn.

David having been on a sports bike might have been on a high speed, having almost no time to avoid the accident which later claimed his life” kelvin explained

Well, the news of David’s death is still a shock to many as the fella was last seen full of life at a CBD party spot the previous night.

In the company of Kelvin, the two had some good time and as they left for their homes later that night, they were to catch up the following day (Sunday) for some weekend activities.


On Sunday, the two met at a car wash along Nairobi road where David was having his car cleaned.

He took Kelvin’s bike for a short ride and asked his friend (Kelvin) to use his vehicle till he returns, probably an hour later.

“I gave him my bike as he wanted to get refreshed through a ride. I picked his vehicle hoping to meet him after an hour for some planned activities only to receive news of the horrible incident” Kelvin said

The two have been pals for over 10 years after kicking off their friendship while skating as kids.

“It’s me who even sold him the bike he was currently using. I have lost more than a brother” he concluded.

Many have come out shocked and saddened by the news of David Owuato’s death.

May he rest peacefully.

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