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Celebrated Kenyan artist Masauti was in Kisumu over the weekend for a performance during the weekly ‘Kikao Sunday’ theme night.

The event which happens every Sunday from 5PM is the new addiction for Kisumu residents following the provisions attached to it.

During the now popular occurrence at the lounge, free kuku and mbuzi biting is provided to revelers as also a free chaser on top of every full bottle of whiskey purchased.

The event’s in-house host is DJ Ves with occasional guest entertainers invited.

Kikao party at Club Da Place, Kisumu
Kikao party at Club Da Place, Kisumu

Well, for last Sunday, the fun served was more than what was paid for, thanks to Masauti who was the guest performer.

Popular for his anthems like ‘Ipepete’ and ‘Kiboko’, the artist treated his fans to a number of his jams.

Check out the photos below.

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Below is the schedule for this week’s theme nights at the spot.





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