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On Saturday evening, a 4-word post on Facebook by soft-spoken lawyer Silas Chepkeres Jakakimba elicited a heated discussion online, unearthing what might just be termed as an unknown account fleecing money from unsuspecting friends.

According to the post, Silas was inquiring the real identity of one Dorcas Sarkozy, an update which turned out to be a dwell between those who claimed to know her and another group seeking answers from anyone who might have met her.

Dorcas Sarkozy, an account many associate with apt updates on political matters and well structured dissections of trending issues has since been alleged to be a pseudo account run by someone not known to anyone.

“He’s a woman in a man” some wrote

Check out the simple post below.

As some claimed to be knowing her so well, they could however not prove physical association or having met her before or even had any face to face interaction with her.

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It’s not clear what might have led the celebrated lawyer to post about Dorcas Sarkozy but according to comments seen by KISUMUINSYDER.CO.KE, a section of social media users have had unforgettable experience while interacting with the ‘her’ privately.

One comment that has got many thinking is an account as narrated by renowned city lawyer, Steve Ogolla.

Steve in his revelation disclosed that he was conned a whooping sum of over KES 500,000 by Dorcas Sarkozy after making him believe that they were now an item and even planned an online wedding.

Popular jurist, Steve Ogolla
Popular jurist, Steve Ogolla

The lawyer made it clear that he was almost led into suicide after he realized that he was all along been in communication with someone who ‘doesn’t exist’.

“All I know is that I was in a fake relationship with this “lady” ans she conned me in excess of 500K, planned a fake wedding, and nearly drove me into suicide” he wrote

Steve Ogolla was love struck to the extent that at one time in 2018, he published a hearty poem to Dorcas, who he referred to as ‘Dee’.

Here’s the short cupid composition.

Let it be known to you:

That you are the best, above the rest.
The finest among the fairest.

A true daughter of your mother.
And a perfect scion of your father.

You are not just close to my heart.
You are at the inner centre.

Your love is magical and magnetic.
Truly, beyond you, there can be no other.

I love you with all my strength.
And to the last breath.

Grace and Blessings.
Happiness and gladness.
To you, and to us.

The ‘lady’ however warned the lawyer against making their ‘relationship’ public, she neither at no one time allowed Steve to meet her.

When the jurist discovered that his was another case of online scam, he decided to report the matter to the authorities, a step that didn’t end up well.

“This is a matter I reported to authorities but she came back and blackmailed me by sharing my private love WhatsApp chats with her to third parties. Steve explained

He was forced to cut off the fight given he had made the first step to seek love from someone he thought was good for him, he therefore had no one to blame apart from himself.

Here’s Steve’s chilling account that has left many with many unanswered questions than answers.


This is not the only case involving a renowned personality. In 2016, Dorcas Sarkozy was in the middle of a love triangle involving well known journalist Enock Sikolia.

Dorcas through her account allegedly claimed that the journalist was hitting on her and had been pursuing her for a while with no success.

“I never knew that he was married until the girl approached me. I had to prove to her that I was not interested in her man and so I gave her my Facebook password so she could see what he was writing to me.

I only changed my password on Saturday when I saw what she had posted on his wall,” Dorcas narrated 

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